Dandal Kura on the air in N’Djamena!

8th June 2017

RadioActive is proud to be working with Okapi Consulting on Dandal Kura Radio International, broadcasting in Kanuri from Maiduguri in North East Nigeria, on FM in N’Djamena in Chad and online​ at Tune in and enjoy!

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Rise Maximum Radio Launches in Trinidad and Tobago!

12th November 2012

RadioActive worked with the Ministry of Justice and Nuclair Consulting to set up Rise Maximum Radio, a new radio station broadcasting from within Trinidad’s Maximum Security Prison. The station is being used to promote rehabilitation, give prisoners a place to learn new skills, share their experiences and promote positive change with the prison population. The […]

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Kilburn to Kensal Radio gets started!

10th November 2012

After many years setting up radio stations all over the world, RadioActive has teamed up with local community company CanCan Productions to start a new online radio station based in our local area – North West London.  Kilburn to Kensal Radio will start broadcasting online from early 2013, but in the meantime we are posting […]

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Capital FM 100.4 The Gambia goes on air!

12th May 2011

RadioActive’s first commercial radio station went on air today, a new urban youth station called Capital FM, broadcasting from Serrakunda in The Gambia. The station aims to reach the whole country with Gambia’s hottest new music and programming directed very much at young people. RadioActive provided Capital FM with an almighty 2kW transmitter, set up […]

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Awaaz Radio High Wycombe goes on air!

12th February 2011

RadioActive’s first full licence community radio station went on air today, marking a new era for the Asian community of High Wycombe, with their own local radio station.  The station will be used to promote local issues, events and current affairs, bring Asian music and film stars to the area and promote the needs of the […]

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Vaalwater, South Africa: RadioActive installs radio and recording studios and trains young people at Waterberg Welfare Society!

16th November 2010

Working with New Era Container Conversions and Waterberg Welfare Society, a hospice, wellness clinic and youth centre in Limpopo Province, northern South Africa, RadioActive has designed and installed radio studios into a 12m shipping container, to be used for teaching radio production and recording skills to young people based in the local area.  The first […]

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Tsavo National Park, Kenya: Radio Tsavo begins training!

12th April 2010

In April 2010 a team of rangers and officers from the Kenya Wildlife Service and staff at environmental NGO Amara Conservation were brought together for a week of RadioActive radio workshops, as part of the development of Radio Tsavo, a new radio station with a conservation focus to be based in the area around Tsavo West National Park. Workshops […]

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West London, UK: The RadioActive Show broadcasts on Avenues FM!

17th February 2010

Every thursday between these dates we are running a show on Avenues FM 87.7 MHz in London from 1 – 2pm GMT and online at, talking about our projects and the places where we have worked, hosted by RA Director Max Graef Please tune in! First week: Madagascar.  With interviews with Christi Turner, who worked […]

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Delta Region, Nigeria: Desu FM goes on the air!

1st December 2009

RadioActive Engineer Mark Benewith went to Nigeria in November 2009 to work with the Delta State University and set up DESU FM – the area’s first university campus radio station.  Once the station was installed, Mark trained up a team of local radio journalists in studio use, digital editing and transmission system maintenance. Broadcasting with […]

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Pará, Brazil: Radio Resistencia Camponesa goes on the air!

17th November 2009

The final stop on our tour with the MST in Brazil involved a visit to the beautiful island Ilha do Mosqueiro, near Belem do Pará in the North of Brazil.  Working with young people from the local area, Max helped get Radio Resistencia Camponesa’s transmitter and antenna installed to get them on the air.  Before providing […]

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Ceará, Brazil: Lagoa do Mineiro FM gets a makeover!

5th November 2009

Lagoa do Mineiro FM, a community radio station based near Itarema in Ceará, in the North-East of Brazil, has been providing the 8 MST settlements and other community members in the area with local news, music and information for several years now. As the third stop on our tour with the MST, RadioActive’s Max Graef […]

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Pernambuco, Brazil: Radio Cultura Viva up and running!

28th October 2009

The second leg of our trip to work with the MST took RadioActive’s Max Graef to Pernambuco, where the MST have a college called the Centro de Formação Paulo Freire, used as a training centre for MST members from all the nearby states.  Here our role was the installation of a radio speaker system, an […]

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Bahia, Brazil: MST FM goes on the air!

12th October 2009

In December 2009, RadioActive returned from a 6 week trip to Brazil working with Brazilian landless workers’ movement MST (Movimento de Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra). The first stop on this trip was to help set up MST FM in Wenceslau-Guimarães, a small town in Bahia. After 10 days of installation and training, the station was […]

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Nkambe, Cameroon: Savannah Frontier Radio goes on the air!

22nd July 2009

The people of Nkambe, a small vibrant town in the North-West province of Cameroon, spent the last three years celebrating their first community radio station. Now they have two!  Savannah Frontier Radio was set up by local Member of Parliament Honourable Awudu, with its primary aim being to promote climate change awareness in the North […]

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Kumbo, Cameroon: Bui Community Radio in Cameroon goes on the air!

14th July 2009

Working with Cameroonian NGO ANCO, the Apiculture and Nature Conservation Organisation, which works on biodiversity conservation, sustainable land management and poverty reduction, RadioActive supplied and installed the equipment and trained local staff up to get Bui Community Radio, or BCR FM, set up and on the air, on the outskirts of Kumbo town in the […]

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Banka, Cameroon: RadioActive installs new community radio station

22nd February 2009

After several years of development, Radio Flambeau is ready to begin broadcasting. Radio Flambeau is a new community radio station based near the rond-point Paachi in Banka, in the West Province of Cameroon.  The station is owned and managed by Cameroonian NGO Protege QV and Association des Dames Flambeau, a women’s association in Banka.  It […]

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