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Please fill in this form if you would like any more information or would like to buy any of our radio equipment or installation or radio training services. Once we receive your form we will get back to you shortly with a quote and / or the information you have requested.

Contact Details

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Organisation Details

Organisation Name:
What kind of work does your organisation do? (please give details)
When was your organisation formed?
If you have a website, what is the address?

Proposed Radio Station Details

What will you use your radio station for?
Where would you like to build your radio station?
Do you have a studio building?
Is your studio ready?
How stable is the electricity at the studio location?
Will you need a back-up power system?
Are you interested in solar power?
If so, how many hours a day do you intend to broadcast?

Antenna Location Details

What is the terrain like in your area?
Is there an existing antenna tower, tall building or hill you can you use for the antenna?
If you do have a tower, tall building or hill, how far is it from the studio (in metres)
How far in kilometres would you like to reach with your station? *

RadioActive Services

Which package are you interested in?
These packages are adjustable to suit your needs. Please give details of any items you would like to add or remove from the package you have chosen.
We offer technical advice, feasibility studies, installation and training services. Are you interested in any of these services as well?


What stage are you at in the licensing process?
How will you fund this project?
When do you expect to be ready to install your radio station?


We are sometimes able to offer volunteers with radio experience to come and give training at your station. If so, you will be required to provide them with food and accommodation.
Is that something you would be interested in?
If you have any other questions or information you would like to add, please do so here.
How did you find us? *
Please type the black letters in the box on the right.
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