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RA Volunteer Kasey Coates with ARD student Paulo Vitor at AfroReggaeDigital in BrazilVolunteers on RadioActive projects have the opportunity to work at community radio stations around the world.  We are looking for people with experience in radio engineering, radio production, reporting, computing, drama, journalism or audio engineering.

Volunteers must pay for their own travel, but will be provided with food and accommodation during their stay.

If you are interested in volunteering on a RadioActive project, please fill in the form below. 

Weoffer occasional opportunities for volunteers to come and work on theinstallation of a new station. If you would like to apply for one ofthese opportunities, please fill in the form, expressingyour particular interest in working on a new installation.

If youwould like to support a RadioActive project but cannot go abroad, youcould get involved locally by helping to raise funds, raise awarenessor gather equipment for future or existing stations.

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Experiences of RadioActive Volunteers 

Harriet gets her hands dirty volunteering at RadioActive Nepal
Name: Harriet Grant
Age: 32
Project volunteered with: Radioactive Nepal, Kathmandu
About Harriet: 
I am a freelance broadcast journalist and writer. I have worked in various parts of the BBC as a producer and reporter for seven years. Although I work in both television and radio, radio is of course my true love! I started out in journalism as a local newspaper reporter but I was hooked on the thrill of live radio as soon as I got behind a microphone. I've always enjoyed passing that passion on to others - in the same way that it was passed on to me by others. That's why I was delighted to meet Max and have the opportunity to work on his wonderful project.

How was your volunteer experience with RadioActive?
My trip to Nepal was fascinating and taught me a lot about development - not all of it positive, but that's the great thing about working with Radioactive - it's an unmediated experience so you learn about every aspect of setting up a radio station - from raising the money to preparing the training modules and working out what will be most useful. It was invaluable in terms of understanding the power of radio as a tool for social change - and reiterated to me the way in which this is best achieved. I believe radio is most powerful when ordinary people and the whole community can get involved. Standing up in front of a room full of Nepali people was scary - but very rewarding. I learnt my own limitations as an outsider coming in to a community I didn't know well - and I hope that I learnt lessons so that I could improve my teaching next time.
Any advice for those considering volunteering on a RadioActive project?
Firstly - go for it! If you have radio experience, the people you meet will be delighted that you have chosen to share that - and you will gain valuable insights into how radio can work in different situations and communities. I would really recommend you think carefully what you have to offer in a particular country. I felt very hampered by my lack of Nepali - when the station broadcast in that language. There was much I could teach of course but I couldn't really get a proper understanding of the station itself and the local issues.  
Tamasin playing sound effects during a radio workshop at a school in Madagascar
Name: Tamasin Ford
Age: 32 
Projects volunteered with:
- Donga Mantung Community Radio 105.0 FM, Nkambe, Cameroon
- Radio Meva Ankarana 98.0 FM, Antsaravibe, Madagascar
About Tamasin:
I've been working as a journalist for the BBC for the last ten years, covering stories from around Europe for radio, online and television news. My main outlet is Radio 1, the BBC's youth station, but I've reported on many of the BBC's domestic and international news outlets.  After working in Cameroon and Madagascar, training journalists at community radio stations with RadioActive, I'm now living in Liberia working for Journalists for Human Rights, a Canadian organisation specialising in rights media.  Focusing on spreading human rights awareness, I'm working with reporters at the country's first radio station for women; Liberia Women Democracy Radio.

How was your volunteer experience with RadioActive?
Fun, challenging and rewarding

Any advice for those considering volunteering on a RadioActive project?
Keep your energy up and be prepared to meet some incredible people.  My experiences in Madagascar and Cameroon inspired me to do what I'm doing now. 
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