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Radio El Nudo Mixteco, Mexico PDF Print E-mail

Radio El Nudo Mixteco is a new community radio station broadcastingfrom the main street in Santo Domingo Ixcatlan, to the Mixteco regionnear Tlaxiaco in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico. 

teresa_luisa_small.jpgEl Nudo Mixteco Vital Statistics

Full Station Name:
Radio El Nudo Mixteco
Location: Santo Domingo Ixcatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico
Frequency: 100.5 MHz
Transmitter Power: 40 Watts
Installed in: January 2009
Project run by: Residents of Santo Domingo Ixcatlan, with support from legal rights group CEDHAPI
Main Objectives: Promoting unity and recovery in the community of Ixcatlan and awareness of issues such as indigenous people'srights, women's rights, alcohol abuse and protection of local naturalresources from exploitation.
More info: http://www.dplf.org/index.php?c_ID=267 (on CEDHAPI)
http://www.santodomingomassacre.org/?q=node/4 (on Santo Domingo Ixcatlan)
Email: cedhapi (at) yahoo.com.mx

History of the project

We were invited to work on the project in June 2008 by CEDHAPI, a human rightslegal support organisation based in Tlaxiaco, who have been supportingmembers of Santo Domingo Ixcatlan in their fight against paramilitaries,who have been intimidating the community with brutal tactics in a bitter land dispute that culminated in April 2008 with the massacre of 3 members of the community. 

The people of Santo Domingo Ixcatlan see their radio station as an important step towards reuniting and reviving the community after this massacre, which has left them scarred, afraid and keenly aware of their isolation in the remote mountainous region in western Oaxaca.  But they are determined not to be overcome by what has happened and building Radio El Nudo Mixteco is one of many steps they are taking to rebuild their community.

RadioActive's role

RadioActive took a team of four to Ixcatlan to work on the station inJanuary 2009.  The team consisted of RadioActive staff Max Graef andMark Benewith, volunteer radio production trainer Caroline Dampier andcameraman Alex Kinsman.

The station consists of a simple studio with two laptops and a small Tapco mixer, a 40 Watt transmitter and a single dipole antenna broadcasting from the top of a 14 metre pole erected by members of the community with supervision from RadioActive staff. 

After installing the station and getting them on the air, we were hoping to start technical training straightaway, but the people of Ixcatlan were keen to celebrate first, as the photos on the left show.  After two days and nights of celebration we provided basic technical workshops to the station staff, while volunteer Caroline Dampier worked with women from the community on a format for a weekly women's programme.  On our final night in Ixcatlan we chaired a meeting with all of the community members to work out who would run and work at the station, what would be the initial broadcasting hours, and how decisions regarding station management would be made.  Community members were also encouraged to offer their ideas for programmes they would like to make or hear on the station. 

Google Map of the Station

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The community of Santo Domingo Ixcatlan have made it clear that they would very much welcome the help of volunteers with radio experience who would like to spend 1-4 weeks working with them. If you are interested and speak Spanish please fill in our volunteer form.


Articles from Mexican newspapers about the inauguration of El Nudo Mixteco:

- Diario PM - http://www.diariopm.com/content/view/4412/27/

- Diario Despertar - http://www.diariodespertar.com.mx/Agenda/3375.html

- La Agencia Periodística de información Alternativa - http://www.apiavirtual.com/2009/01/17/organismos-de-derechos-humanos-visitan-santo-domingo-ixcatlan/

- Todo El Poder Al Pueblo - http://todoelpoderalpueblo.blogspot.com/2009/01/oaxaca-instalan-radio-comunitaria-en.html


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