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radio_bario_studio1.jpgRadio Bario Vital Statistics

Full Station Name: Radio Bario
Location: Bario, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
Frequency: 94.5 MHz 
Transmitter Power: 50 Watts
Installed in: October 2011
Collaborating Partners: e-Bario
Funded by: IFAD
Station run by: Volunteers from the community of Bario
Station Contact: Roger Harris (email: roger (at)
In October 2011, RadioActive spent a month working with local social enterprise e-Bario and the community of Bario to set up Radio Bario, a community radio station serving the remote community of Bario, in the Kelabit highlands of Malaysian Borneo.  
The station is used as a communication tool for this remote area, providing a source of local news, local music and discussion and acting as a noticeboard for sending messages to far flung parts 
of the community, as well as promoting local health, environmental and other development issues.  

RadioActive's Role at Radio Bario 

RadioActive supplied and installed the studio and transmission equipment for the station, and provided three weeks of training in radio production and studio and transmission engineering to the station staff.  

Radio Bario uses one our mid-range packages, but with a 50 Watt transmitter due to licence restrictions.  
Film from Radio Bario

The film was made by Jack Chance, who also worked with us on the installation and training of staff at Radio Bario.

RadioActive Volunteers
Thanks to Victoria McArthur from BBC Scotland, Jack Chance from Mountain Music Project and Jim Ellinger from Austin Airwaves for contributing their time and energy and sharing their knowledge to help make this project a success. 
Radio Bario Staff 
Thanks to Stanley, Connie, Lucy, Apoi, Stewart and Seluma, the lovely volunteers who run Radio Bario. Thanks also to Jon, Roger and Lilla from e-Bario for getting RadioActive involved and looking after us so well in Bario.  Looking forward to going back one day! 
Volunteering at Radio Bario
If you are interested in volunteering at Radio Bario, please contact Roger Harris at the email above.  You will have an incredible time, without a doubt. 
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