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AMARC Africa - World Association of Community Broadcasters, Africa Section


Community Radio Stations

    Donga Mantung Community Radio, Nkambe, North West Province
    Contact: Ndi Richard This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Radio Flambeau, Banka, West Province
    Contact: Momeni Avis This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Support Groups
    Andrew Lees Trust - British NGO supporting community radio stations around southern Madagascar.

South Africa


    Department of Communications, South Africa - official website of the regulation and licensing authority for South African telecommunications 

Support Groups

    National Community Radio Forum - National network of community radio stations in South Africa

   ICT Regulation Toolkit - information on rural community radio in South Africa, and the legal and policy aspects related to community radio - report on community radio developments in South Africa, from leading website for country-specific information

    List of all Radio Stations in South Africa - list of all radio stations, including community radio stations, in South Africa

Training / Funding

     Open Society Foundation for South Africa - list of technical training publications available for download, applicable in South Africa and elsewhere. "The foundation has been established in the conviction that the collapse of a closed, apartheid society will not lead automatically to theemergence of an open society in South Africa. In its work the foundation will encourage new approaches and ideas which will contribute to the creating of an open society in South Africa."



    Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority website.

   Application form for a radio broadcasting licence in Tanzania:

The Americas

AMARC - ALC - World Association of Community Broadcasters, Latin America and Caribbean Section


Support Groups

    CEMINA Rede de Mulheres - (Women's Radio Network)


Licensing Authority

    Canada Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission - the Canadian Licensing Authority

Support Groups

    Community Community Radio Blog - Resources for Community Broadcasters


CR Support Groups

    Prometheus Radio Project- Awesome NGO based in Philadelphia that builds community radiostations around the US and in other countries and campaigns for LowPower community radio legislation in the States.

    Grassroots Radio Coalition - A coalition of Community Radio Stations in the United States, organising yearly conferences around the country.


    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - The FCC is the licensing authority in the USA. This is their website.

    Useful FCC Resources - Links to the most important sections on the FCC's website for Community Radio.


    Panos South Asia - part of the family of Panos Institutes worldwide that encourage and facilitate public discourse and debate on a wide range of issues, producing radio programming and guides for journalists and media practicioners

    OneWorld South Asia - wealth of information and support for media for development in Southern Asia

    Zestmedia - Members of the ZESTMedia mailing list exchange articles, comments, and information about various aspects of the media in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives. The ground that ZESTMedia members covers is vast: print, electronic, radio and new media, press freedom, media criticism, media art, jobs, media policies, advertising, films, media businesses, media and law et al.


    OneWorld info on Licensing Process for Community Radio - information from the OneWorld South Asia site on licensing for community radio in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) - A network supporting community radio in Bangladesh

    BNNRC Guidelines for Setting up a Community Radio Station - a comprensive handbook to setting up a community radio station in Bangladesh produced by the BNNRC



    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting - Indian Government Licensing Authority

    OneWorld info on Licensing Process for Community Radio in India - information on the licensing process.

CR Support Groups

    Community Radio India Forum- A network of community radio practicioners and supporters.  Join their email list if you have any questions about community radio in India or would like to set up a station.

Funding / Support

    Plan India

    UNESCO India

    UNICEF India


Licensing Authority

    Ministry of Information and Communications, Nepal

Support Groups

    Acorab - Association of Community Radio Broadcasters in Nepal

    Equal Access - NGO producing radio dramas and giving radio production training

   Antenna Foundation Nepal - Radio production and training house (NGO) - Pro-people, media, information communication and technology

Funding / Support 

    MS Nepal - Danish Association for International Cooperation in Nepal

    UNESCO Kathmandu - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Office in Nepal



Support Groups

     CBAA- Network of community radio stations in Australia offering advice,support and services for community radio stations and groups aspiringto set up a new station.

     CB Online- encompasses the development of a number of information technologyinitiatives and online resources for the benefit of the communitybroadcasting sector.


United Kingdom

Licensing Authority

    Ofcom - the UK radio station licensing authority.

CR Support Groups

    Community Media Association- NGO providing support and guidance to and campaigning on behalf ofcommunity radio stations and groups aspiring to set up a communityradio station in the UK.

    Radio Regen - NGO providing training courses for community radio participants, based in Manchester.

Training Materials

   Community Radio Toolkit- A complete handbook for those working in or setting up a community radio station, with particular focus on UK licensing rules and regulations, but lots of useful stuff no matter where you are based.