BW Broadcast RDS 3 RDS Encoder


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The BW Broadcast RDS3 is a UECP compliant, fully dynamic RDS encoder with full TCP/IP networking connectivity and powerful interfacing features. The RDS3 supports all RDS protocols and includes the ability to easily connect to your radio automation software for automatically displaying track information such as titles and artist through RT or PSN protocols.

The RDS3 may be controlled through its 10BaseT Ethernet port and has an embedded web server allowing you to remotely configure the unit using a standard web browser. For effective network control the following network protocols are also supported: Telnet, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, MIB integration.

The RDS3 also allows you to broadcast scrolling text – check this is legal in your country. This allows long strings of text information to be scrolled on the receiver main display rathen than using RadioText (RT). The format of the text can be customized and configured through a HTML web page.

Another feature of the RDS3 is the embedded scheduler which allows you to display messages based on time and date. The embedded scheduler can be accessed via a web browser. The scheduler can be used in programming the PSN or RadioText information.

Radio Text Plus or RT+ allows the RDS feature RadioText (RT) to be understood by FM RDS receiving terminal and recognize designated objects such as the Title, the Artist of the current playing song. The element can also carry additional service messages or information about the radio station such as the telephone number or the web address of the Station hotline.

The RDS3 can either be used in loop-through mode in your broadcast chain or can operate as a stand-alone unit.