About RadioActive

RadioActive was set up in 2004 by Radio Engineer Max Graef to support independent media, by providing technical assistance and equipment to independent radio stations around the world.

We believe in the power of radio as a tool for communication, sharing information and in the right hands, positive change.

For our first project Max went with radio trainer Joanne Hanlon to the West Bank to work with the Ibdaa Cultural Centre to set up Radio 194.  194 is radio training centre that provides the youth of Dheisheh Refugee Camp with the skills and means to tell their own stories.

Since then we have developed into a team of consultants, engineers and radio trainers who work on the creation and training of community and independent radio stations in the UK and around the world.  We also supply a range of studio, transmission and solar power equipment for radio stations and recording studios.

Our work involves:

  • providing guidance on licensing, station designs and equipment for different needs and budgets,
  • supplying and installing all of the radio equipment, leaving the station on the air or ready to broadcast.
  • teaching technicians proper use and maintenance of the equipment
  • teaching radio presenters and journalists to use radio studio equipment, including comprehensive training on the use of professional audio editing software Adobe Audition.
  • delivering radio production courses, including presenting, interviewing, talk shows and radio drama
  • helping in the creation of a station programming schedule, a staff rota, a station mission statement, a code of conduct and a range of potential revenue sources.
  • recording and producing station sound content, such as jingles, idents and radio adverts

Volunteer Programme

In addition we run a volunteer programme that gives radio professionals the chance to share their experience with community radio stations and visit incredible places around the world.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch.

Registered Company

In 2009 we registered RadioActive Consulting Limited, a VAT-registered limited company in the UK with Company Number: 07104684 and VAT Registration No: 983 9646 52, to continue our work, providing equipment, technical support and training to independent radio stations and recording studios around the world.

Please see our products, projects and services pages for more details on our work and what we can offer you.