Station Design and Installation

No matter what your budget, we can design and install your radio studios and FM transmission system to suit your station needs.

We have worked with stations of all shapes and sizes around the world to provide them with great looking and more importantly, great sounding, studios.

We have installed radio stations in more than 30 countries.

1. Bespoke Studio Design

Each station has its own needs and circumstances.

We can design and install studios to work in whatever spaces you have available – 4 rooms, 3 rooms, 2 rooms – even 1 room!

Some stations prefer a traditional 2 room, tech-operated arrangement.  This is better for talk based shows with a producer and technician in one room and the presenter and guests in the other room.

Other stations prefer a 1 room, self-operated arrangement, where the presenter also controls the mixing desk.  We can help you decide what makes most sense for you and choose the correct equipment and furniture.

2. Local Materials

Acoustic materials are often bulky and expensive to ship.  Instead of importing expensive acoustic materials from abroad, we can help you to find local materials that will work just as well to ensure you get the perfect acoustic environment to broadcast from.

Or if you prefer professional acoustic materials, we can also offer no-nonsense advice on which ones to use and where to get them.

3. Tailored Professional Studio Furniture

We are dealers for professional broadcast furniture manufacturers including Sonifex and AKA design, who have built furniture for the BBC and many other global broadcasters.

We can also design and manufacture our own studio desks tailored to fit exactly to your studio and equipment.

4. Over 12 years' experience around the world

Our engineers have worked in over 40 countries designing and installing radio stations for a wide range of clients, in all sorts of conditions.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge, flexibility and versatility.

Whatever the weather, whatever the budget, we will help you get your radio station on the air, as quickly as we can.