Roundhouse Radio

Roundhouse Radio
Camden, London, United Kingdom

On Air
February 2013



RadioActive has been working with Roundhouse Radio on different youth radio projects since 2013, starting with helping design and install a new radio studio for Canada Villa Youth & Community Centre, one of their partners.

Since then we have gone onto supply and install the equipment for the beautiful new radio studio at Roundhouse Radio, as well as running regular radio training projects for young people.

About the project

Roundhouse Radio is a radio station dedicated to giving young people a chance to learn the skills necessary to become professional broadcasters.  As it says on their website:

“Welcome to the future of radio! Broadcast direct from our studios, Roundhouse Radio is a proving ground for a new generation of radio talent, all aged 11-25. Tune in live or listen back to brilliant new music and much more.”

Many Roundhouse Radio alumni have gone on to get work in the UK radio industry.


Main Objectives

  • Offering a platform for young people to learn professional radio skills
  • Providing a stepping stone into the radio industry
  • Promoting young radio DJs’ talents

Our Role

  • Supply and installation of radio equipment for the new studio
  • Design of their new radio studio
  • Designing and delivering regular radio training courses for young people


The Roundhouse

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