Radio Training

We have trained 1000s of people around the world in radio skills including: studio and transmission engineering, radio production and station management.

We have highly experienced trainers who can train your station staff in:

  • Radio Engineering (including installation and maintenance of studio and transmission equipment, physics of radio and comprehensive technical training for station technicians and other staff)
  • Radio Production (including live mixing and broadcasting, use of audio editing software, creating jingles, recording in the field, producing radio drama and producing radio talk shows)
  • Station Management (including designing a programming schedule, managing your team, community participation, station objectives, decision-making. developing a sustainable financial model, advertising and developing on-air and off-air station policies)

Flexible training, tailored to your needs

Our trainers will work with you to design a training programme that suits your needs.  The programme will be designed according to the topics to be covered, the number of people to be trained, their existing skill levels and the number of days and hours per day they have available for training.

Practical, hands-on approach

Some people learn better by reading or listening, others by doing.  With a combination of theory and practical training, our students get the best of both worlds and can immediately put into practice anything that has been discussed in the sessions.

Short or Longer Courses

Our usual approach is to provide 2 – 4 weeks training to station staff, covering a range of topics, once we have installed a station. However we can also offer shorter training periods or provide a mentor who will supervise the station development for up to 6 months until your staff have the confidence to run the station without any support.

One to One Training

We can also work on an individual basis on specific radio production, presenting or technical skills training, such as audio editing, understanding studio equipment or radio presenting.

Ongoing Support

We can provide refresher training sessions either in person or online, or provide a monthly technical / production support service to keep your station running smoothly over its first few years of operation.