Radio Salam

Radio Salam
Maban, Upper Nile State, South Sudan

On Air
September 2013

99.1 MHz



Radio Salam is a community radio station which serves the large IDP population as well as local people living in the Maban area in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan.

About the project

Radio Salam is a refugee / community radio station aimed at the large IDP and refugee population as well as local people living in the Maban area in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan.

Set up by the international NGO ACTED, Radio Salam provides vital information about the managment of the IDP / refugee camps which ACTED runs in the area.  There are four large camps based near Maban, with a total population of IDPs and refugees of around 100,000.  With few sources of reliable information available, it can be very hard for residents to obtain regional, national or international news, or to find out what is happening in their area.  The radio provides information on food, medical and shelter supplies, as well as supporting the work of other NGOs working with the IDP / refugee community.

Radio Salam is a vital information source for over 100,000 residents of the Maban area.

Main Objectives

Radio Salam aims to:

  • provide information and address local residents’ concerns on IDP camp management
  • provide details on food, medical and shelter supplies and availability
  • provide a platform for dialogue and addressing local sources of conflict
  • promote a culture of understanding amongst different ethnic groups
  • support the awareness campaigns of NGOs working in the area
  • promote job vacancies and support the local economy
  • provide a regular national and internation news bulletin
  • promote local culture and initiatives

Our Role

In 2012 RadioActive worked with ACTED to design a suitable studio and FM transmission system, supply and install the equipment for the station and train the radio station team of 14 staff in radio production, radio presenting, station management and technical skills to be able to run the station.

RadioActive has since sent another radio trainer, Lol Gellor, out to work with the Radio Salam team on their management and production skills.

RadioActive continues to support ACTED and the station management with technical issues and equipment needs.