La Voie de la Non-Violence

Radio La Voie de la Non-Violence
Bayouf, Pout, Senegal

On Air
November 2014

92.9 MHz

500 Watts


Radio La Voie de la Non-Violence is an FM radio station broadcasting from the wonderful eco-friendly farm run by EcoPeace (EcoPaix) in Bayouf-Pout, Senegal.  The station promotes many positive values to the local area, including peace, non-violence, sustainable eating and farming habits and many others with contributions from around the world.

EcoPeace is a sustainable and conscious socio-economic alternative founded in Senegal in 2006 by the current head of the International Sufi School of Peace and Service, Sheikh Aly N’Daw. As an alternative economic model based on non-violence, EcoPeace repositions the human being, and not profit, at the centre of all its initiatives. EcoPeace promotes peacebuilding, socio-economic justice, sustainable farming and environmental protection and aims through its actions to awaken our consciousness to all these pressing issues.

About the project

La radio “La Voie de la Nonviolence 92.9 fm a été créée pour informer et former à la nonviolence, à travers les vies de grandes figures de la nonviolence comme Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, Eleanor Roosevelt, Soeur Emmanuelle et tant d’autres à travers le monde et les époques.

Elle tend à la découverte d’initiatives respectueuses de l’être humain, et de son environnement à notre époque et à chercher des moyens alternatifs d’agir en paix.

Bonne visite en compagnie des animateurs, à travers les vies riches en conscience. Que ces exemples vous inspirent!

Main Objectives

  • To promote peace and non-violence
  • To promote healthy eating
  • To promote the work of EcoPeace

Our Role

  • Providing equipment and technical support to get RVLN on the air.
  • Installing the equipment.
  • Training the RVLN team to produce radio programming.


EcoPeace Senegal / UK

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Radio – La Voie de la NonViolence

Bayouf, Pout – Sénégal

Tél. 77 11 49 681