Ceará, Brazil: Lagoa do Mineiro FM gets a makeover!

5th November 2009

Lagoa do Mineiro FM, a community radio station based near Itarema in Ceará, in the North-East of Brazil, has been providing the 8 MST settlements and other community members in the area with local news, music and information for several years now.

As the third stop on our tour with the MST, RadioActive’s Max Graef and Camila Bonassa of the MST worked with the volunteers who run Lagoa do Mineiro FM to increase the power of their transmitter, install a new antenna and antenna cable, and provide 10 days of radio workshops. Workshop topics included jingles, digital editing using Adobe Audition and Audacity, Zara Radio, radio spots for social change, sources of information for news, basic computer skills and developing new programme ideas.

Thanks to all the people of Lagoa do Mineiro for looking after us so well!

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