Kumbo, Cameroon: Bui Community Radio in Cameroon goes on the air!

14th July 2009

Working with Cameroonian NGO ANCO, the Apiculture and Nature Conservation Organisation, which works on biodiversity conservation, sustainable land management and poverty reduction, RadioActive supplied and installed the equipment and trained local staff up to get Bui Community Radio, or BCR FM, set up and on the air, on the outskirts of Kumbo town in the North West province of Cameroon. ANCO will be responsible for the station, with a team of six local journalists in charge of running the station day to day.

BBC journalist Kate Adair worked alongside RadioActive’s Max Graef to train up local staff in basic radio journalism, radio production and looking after the equipment. ANCO’s founder and coordinator Paul Mzeka was very pleased with the setting up of the station, saying “Thanks immensely for all you have done and are doing for ANCO and the community of Bui.”

BCR FM are now looking for volunteers who could help train up their staff further. If you would like any more information on the project, or would be interested in volunteering, please contact us.

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