5.5m RF Jumper Leads (Pack of 4)


Pack of 4 x 1/4″ Jumper Leads with N Type Male connectors at each end.  A crucial part of a 4 bay antenna system.

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5.5m RF Jumper Leads (pack of 4) are made with 1/4″ coaxial cable fitted with male “N” Type connectors, designed to connect a 4 way power splitter to 4 dipole antennas.  These are made with high quality weather resistant 50 ohm coaxial cable RF cable.  Each cable is exactly the same length to ensure that the signal from all four antennas is exactly in phase.

Please note that the length of the cables (5.5m) is suited to a four bay antenna system.  If you want to create a 6 bay or 8 bay antenna system, you will need longer jumper cables.