RFE 620 Watt FM Transmitter


620W Professional FM Transmitter with the option of built-in RDS encoder and Audio over IP.

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The RFE 620 Watt FM Transmitter is a world class, award-winning professional FM transmitter.  It features very compact dimensions associated with RFE’s most innovative technological characteristics.

A reliable device, easy to use and control, delivering the best performance in a small size transmitter.

The standard configuration includes the following features:

L+R input, Stereo Coder, WEB TCP/IP board,
SNMP v1, Standard Tropicalisation, Ultimate Audio Quality
(UAQ), Intelligent Cooling System (ICS), Efficiency Maximization System (EMS).

Options on request: DMB Digital Modulation Board (DDS),
AES/EBU, dynamic RDS encoder, Audio Over IP, SNMP v2c, SFN
reference, GPS telemetry, DSDE Dual Exciter board with
automatic change over.

Deep Anticorrosion & Tropicalization
Treatment (DAT).