Alesis 3632 Limiter / Compressor

Based on the world’s most popular dynamics processor – this is a straighforward reliable limiter / compressor that works well in a recording studio or as a limiter in a broadcast radio studio.

We don't current sell this product individually. You can buy it as part of our packages


The 3632 Compressor provides two independent full-featured compressor/ limiters in one rack space while offering excellent sonic quality for any application from studio recording to live sound or broadcast.


  • Intelligent Knee – For situations that require both soft- and hard-knee envelopes
  • Intelligent Ratio – Adapts to the input signal
  • Intelligent Gain thomann – Adjusts automatically the output level
  • Adjustable attack and release time
  • Link mode for stereo operation
  • Automated attack and release behaviour
  • Based on analysis of the input signal
  • Manual control possible
  • Control of both channels via channel A when Link Mode is enabled
  • Sidechain send and return
  • Switchable low-cut filter minimizes pumping effect
  • Gain reduction LEDs
  • Switchable input/output thomann LED displays
  • Bypass switch for both channels
  • In-/Outputs XLR and jack
  • Design: 19″/ 1U
  • Incl. power supply