Lenovo V110 Laptop with 8GB RAM and 1000GB Hard Drive


Lenovo V110 Laptop with 8GB RAM, 1000GB and Windows 10.  The ultimate blend in high performance and good value.

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We include the Lenovo V110 Laptop as part of our Basic and Midrange complete radio station packages, because it is the ultimate blend between high performance computing and good value for money pricing. Featuring solid performing processor power from the AMD A9, and ample 8GB RAM, The Lenovo V110 Laptop is easily capable of keeping up with the most demanding power user and multitasker.

  • Lenovo laptops give you all the computing essentials in a notebook with a tactile finish and a high quality, premium feel
  • Designed for everyday use and audio / video
  • Light and portable
  • Plenty of space to record, edit and store audio clips for daily use in your radio station

A computer plays a crucial role in a radio station, used to:

  • Record, edit and playback interview clips, jingles, adverts and music
  • Browse the internet
  • Write scripts to be read on air
  • Edit and view your station schedule and website
  • Interact with social media live during a show
  • Schedule audio content to play ON AIR automatically at specific times

The Lenovo V110 Laptop has plenty of capacity to manage all of these tasks and more.

We provide the laptop with free software for audio editing, audio logging (recording your station output), audio file conversion and naming, online radio streaming and broadcast playout.  We can also provide you with more sophisticated playout and / or audio editing software such as P-SQUARED MYRIAD, AIRCAST or JAZLER if required.