M-Audio BX5 Carbon Studio Monitor

High performance, powerful studio monitor with a smooth frequency response and stylish finish.  Comes as standard with all of our top range complete radio station packages.

We don't current sell this product individually. You can buy it as part of our packages

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We supply all of our top range complete radio station packages with a pair of M-Audio BX5 Carbon studio monitors. This is because at this price there is no better studio monitor out there, in terms of sound quality, fidelity and appearance. Equipped with a 5″ woven Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1″ natural silk dome tweeter, the BX5 Carbon delivers a flat frequency response, enhanced stereo imaging, and increased clarity for authentic mixing in a space-saving design. The bi-amplified 70 Watt class A/B amplification means high power with less noise and ensures that your monitoring setup can handle today’s modern music with ease. With the BX5 Carbon, your music is ready for any listening environment.

Don’t forget to buy two of them, as they are sold individually!

You may also want to add a set of BT77 Speaker Wall Brackets to attach them to your studio wall.