PRO SIGNAL 2x Phono (RCA) Male to 2x Phono Male Audio Lead, 10m Black


10m Stereo Phono to Stereo Phono Lead, suitable for the Basic Radio Station Package.



A premium quality 2x phono (RCA) plug to plug connecting lead giving superior performance.
  • Low loss, high definition
  • Durable 24k gold plated, all metal phono plugs with strain reliefs
  • Double shielded to minimise interference and ghosts
  • Includes outer braided shield and 100% inner foil shielding
  • High grade cables with OFC conductors and low capacitance dielectric
  • Improved signal transfer and minimised loss and noise
  • Flexible, rugged outer PVC jackets
  • Colour coded connectors for L+ R stereo audio
  • Excellent performance and value

Well suited for our Basic Radio Station Package, to connect the mixer output to the transmitter input.