PRO SIGNAL 2x Phono (RCA) Male to 2x Phono Male Audio Lead, 10m Black

10m Stereo Phono to Stereo Phono Lead, suitable for the Basic Radio Station Package.

We don't current sell this product individually. You can buy it as part of our packages



A premium quality 2x phono (RCA) plug to plug connecting lead giving superior performance.
  • Low loss, high definition
  • Durable 24k gold plated, all metal phono plugs with strain reliefs
  • Double shielded to minimise interference and ghosts
  • Includes outer braided shield and 100% inner foil shielding
  • High grade cables with OFC conductors and low capacitance dielectric
  • Improved signal transfer and minimised loss and noise
  • Flexible, rugged outer PVC jackets
  • Colour coded connectors for L+ R stereo audio
  • Excellent performance and value

Well suited for our Basic Radio Station Package, to connect the mixer output to the transmitter input.