Tascam WS-11 Universal Mic Windscreen Muff for DR-Series Handheld Recorders

Professional windshield for Tascam DR Recorders, including the DR-05 and DR40.

We don't current sell this product individually. You can buy it as part of our packages


The Tascam WS-11 windscreen uses artificial fur to block even the highest wind gusts from the internal mics of TASCAM recorders. Ensure that your production/recording session will have crystal clear sound with no distortion. The windscreen works in both XY and AB position.

  • Protect your production/recording session from unnecessary distortion and wind noise
  • Will block out even the highest of wind gusts
  • Works with all DR-Series recorders with the exception of DR-08
  • Handheld recorder is NOT included in the sale
  • DR-1, GT-R1, DR-2d, DR-05, DR-07, DR-07mkII, DR-40, DR-100, DR-100mkII