Loliondo FM

Loliondo FM
Ololosekwan, Tanzania

On Air
November 2013

98.2 MHz



Loliondo Community Radio is a non-commercial community station, which was established in 2013 with the objective to give a voice to pastoralist populations living near Loliondo in Tanzania. The station covers an area comprised between the Ngorongoro district and the Serengeti National Park. It is the only radio station to broadcast from this region. (Text taken from the UNESCO website)

About the project

The station serves a Maasai community, located in Ololosokwan village, and act as the only source of information as no newspapers are being delivered in the said village. The station broadcast in local Maasai language as most members of the community do not speak Swahili. News reports are then translated for the listeners one hour after the original broadcast.

Loliondo FM has many challenges to face, mainly to develop a community where some harmful cultural practices are still strongly anchored. For example, the station is fighting against female genital mutilation. The station broadcast programmes aimed to educated people to this issue and demonstrate how it constitutes a violation of human rights.

The station is also particularly involved in education and, in particular, the promotion of school as a right for every child. Established in an area where traditional pastoralist practices prevail, Loliondo FM has for mission to help the population challenge such practices through education.

Loliondo FM is run by a group of five dedicated young journalists who are truly passionate by their work. Since its creation, the station has provided the surrounding local community with an access to quality information and entertainment, based on innovative programming and new technologies.

(Text taken from the UNESCO website)

Main Objectives

  • To give a voice and platform to the Masai population living in the area
  • To promote alternative livelihoods to cattle herding

Our Role

Radioactive supplied and installed the FM, link and studio equipment and provided training in radio production and technical skills.

We also arranged for a professional radio producer to work as a volunteer at the station and provide additional training in radio production skills.