Radio Flambeau

Radio Flambeau
Banka, West Province, Cameroon

On Air
February 2009

100.0 MHz

100 Watts


After several years of development, Radio Flambeau is now installed and broadcasting. Radio Flambeau is a new community radio station based near the rond-point Paachi in Banka, in the West Province of Cameroon.  The station is owned and managed by Cameroonian NGO Protege QV and Association des Dames Flambeau, a women’s association in Banka.

Main Objectives

Promotion of development, women’s education, agriculture, health, local languages, local culture and protection of the environment.

The overall goal of Radio Flambeau will be to promote development and well-being in the region around Bafang and Banka, with programming on education, agriculture, child-rearing, protecting the environment, family health, women’s issues, in local languages and playing local music.

Our Role

RadioActive was hired by Protege QV to supply and install the studio and transmission equipment for the station, and provide training to the station staff.  Radio Flambeau uses one our mid-range packages, but with two computers, one for recording and editing, and the other for broadcasting.  The station consists of two sound-proofed studios, one of which is the Control Room, and the other used for recording.

Protege QV has employed 4 staff members to work in the station, one as the station manager, and the other three as animateur / techniciens.  The rest of the programming will be produced by volunteers from the local community.  RadioActive worked with the station and Protege QV staff for 10 days, installing the station equipment and giving workshops on using the studio equipment, recording and editing programmes using Adobe Audition, and station management issues such as roles and responsibilities, creating a programming grid, station rules and regulations, developing an on-air code of conduct and encouraging community participation in the station.  10 days was a short time to fit so much in, so we hope to have the chance to go back to work with Radio Flambeau again.


  • Protege QV
  • Coopération Suisse