Radio Tsavo

Radio Tsavo
Mtito Andei, Tsavo, Kenya

On Air
April 2010


RadioActive is working with Amara Conservation and the Kenya Wildlife Service to set up Radio Tsavo, a community radio station with a focus on conservation issues in the areas surrounding Tsavo West and East National Parks.

About the project

From April 12th – 17th 2010 a team of rangers and officers from the Kenya Wildlife Service, staff at environmental NGO Amara Conservation and members of other local NGOs were brought together for a week of RadioActive radio workshops, as part of the development of Radio Tsavo.

Workshops covered topics such as formats of radio, elements of a radio programme, how to conduct a listener survey, writing and delivering an introduction to a radio show, hosting a talk show, basic technical terminology and the physics of radio.

Speaking about the training, KWS Education Officer Joan Lenkaak said: “Thank you to the organisers of this training and the trainers.  It has been very educative and I have learned a lot about radio.  I had never been on the radio before, but now people are saying that I have a good voice for radio, so I am hoping to carry on and participate in Radio Tsavo once it is up and running.”

KWS Deputy Warden Peter Kamau had this to say about Radio Tsavo: “Thanks to Amara for the idea of setting up this station. I believe that this radio station will be an important platform whereby conservation stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss issues concerning conservation and discuss problems and come up with solutions.  Information is power, and with this radio station in Tsavo there will be a better exchange of information and we will have a much higher chance of solving most of our conservation problems.”

About Amara Conservation

Amara Conservation is a UK and US registered charity that has been working since 2001 to promote   conservation around Kenya. The majority of their work has been in the Tsavo area.  Their activities have included wildlife rescues, rural screenings of environmental education films and fostering community development. They have shown environmental films to over 250,000 people in the Tsavo area.

To find out more about Amara’s work, please visit

Main Objectives

  • To provide a platform for local communities to come together and discuss the challenges they are facing.
  • To raise awareness about conservation and other issues
  • To hold local government to account
  • To promote local initiatives and support the local economy

Our Role

  • Providing radio studio equipment
  • Running a radio production training course for members of diverse groups from the local area


Amara Conservation

The Mediae Trust

Kenya Wildlife Service

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