Lol Gellor

Community Radio Guru and Trainer

Lol Gellor was the co-founder of Sound Radio, one of the UK’s first and most highly regarded licensed community radio stations. It operated from 2003 to 2007 and was situated on the Nightingale Estate in Hackney. One of the UK’s original 15 pilot Access radio stations’ Sound Radio was described in the Guardian as the love machine in the middle of murder mile. (the tabloid dubbed “murder mile” of Lower and Upper Clapton Roads in Hackney).

With his leadership Sound Radio created a functional model of multi cultural and multi lingual tolerance and co-operation. Broadcasting in over 25 languages, involving a variety of faith groups Sound Radio played a major role in the case for successful Community Radio legislation in the UK. (Communications Bill 2003 and Community Radio Order 2004). His work has been cited in publications by the British Council and the Housing Corporation as an example of best practise.

Regarded as one of the country’s leading experts in the field of Community Radio, Lol is currently a Community Media Association council member. He has most recently assisted in advising a number of community groups in their applications for licenses. He has also delivered a range of business and feasibility studies to a range of clients in the area of community and community media development. He continues to teach radio production techniques and maintains a studio base in East London. He is currently developing a range of online media platforms in a community context and has secured funding for a UK Online centre in a community centre. The centre is innovatively incorporating aspects of the media and environmental agenda with the help of a recycling charity. He has lectured/spoken at a range of venues including Birkbeck University, London School of Economics, Stanhope University, City University, London Metropolitan University, Westminster Media Forum etc.

The early part of his life was spent as a musician/producer and Lol has a number of national and international credits to his name. Later on he became involved in video and film production and has a variety of credits, notably as editor of two feature films. He is a keen sportsman and is a qualified FA Coach.  Lol remains committed to developing media based projects that can be used to act as catalysts for functional community development.

He currently runs our music project recording songs with immigration detainees in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre.