D and R AIRMATE-12-USB Broadcast Mixing Console


The ideal console for a budget-conscious radio station needing up to 10 mic inputs and broadcast functionality in their ON AIR or production studio.


The D & R Airmate USB mixer is a powerful broadcast mixer in use in 1000s of radio stations around the world.

The Airmate-12-USB broadcast mixer is for those situations where more mic inputs are needed than are available with the Airmate-8-USB.

Built around well proven low noise circuitry, this console is the reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. that needs 10 Mic inputs an internal Telephone Hybrid (2x) and USB connection to the PC (e.q. for streaming to the web). A heavy duty RF shielded chassis houses 12 vertical triple input modules giving flexibility rarely found in a mixer of this type. Ten input channels with high quality balanced microphone inputs on XLR and two stereo line level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors. Every Mic input has an insert for signal processors. And… every line level line B input can be converted into a phono (record player) channel by simply fitting an optional stereo R.I.A.A. equalized phono pre-amp.

The Airmate-12-USB has the usual master controls such as stereo master faders, stereo Aux send and return, monitor master with “follow phones” and a phones output with a split control function. There is a balance control to continuously adjust the volume between main output and stereo Cue signal.

In addition, there is a special on-air/production section featuring: self­-op switching to automatically cut control room level when the D.J. mic is active; a clean feed output to drive an external Telephone Hybrid for talk shows and interviews, if you need more Hybrid channels than the 2 built in ones; an announcer output that normally follows main output but can be switched so that the main output, or any cue signal that is selected, can be heard when in the “follow phones” mode.

A large Talkback switch activates the built-in electret talkback microphone for easy communication with the Clean-feed output, Aux output and/or Announcer output.