D&R Webstation Mixer


With the D&R Webstation you can now own a modern broadcast mixer with built in VOIP functionality for a very attractive price.


With the D&R Webstation you can now own a modern broadcast mixer for a very attractive price. This new and handbuilt piece of precision equipment is built around proven low noise circuitry. It is an intelligent mixer with an internal USB control section that comfortably enhances daily use and even has a built in silence detector.

Key Features:

  • Six dual inputs
  • 2 band EQUALIZER
  • Windows / Mac compatible
  • Built in auto Silence detector
  • 3 USB stereo in /out channels
  • Mic inputs with 48 volt Phantom
  • Play out USB control section included
  • CRM and Phone outputs
  • Built in VOIP functionality
  • Internal NON STOP switching
  • Cleanfeed output for external Hybrids
  • Bi directional Cue communication buss
  • Incoming phone calls visible on screen

It is a reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. There is a built in Telephone VOIP functionality, 3 in/out channels of stereo USB and 2 very low noise Mic inputs. The WEBSTATION is ideal for ON-AIR, Production work and perfect for streaming to the web.

The D&R Webstation accepts and instantly controls a maximum of 3 in/out stereo channels from your Play-out software. It is built into a heavy duty metal RF shielded chassis. Easily “drops” into your furniture to give that exciting and contemporary radio look. Built with a strong powder coated front panel for durability and it is the result of more than 45 years of experience at D&R.


The D&R Webstation mixer has 2 balanced, phantom powered mic inputs with inserts for voice processors. Six stereo line inputs, 3x USB channels and 1x Telephone VOIP channel. If you want to connect an analog phone line a Cleanfeed output is provided to connect to an external Hybrid.

Only one physical USB connection is the interface to transfer 3 stereo audio channels + VoIP signal from and to your PC plus all control data from the control section and the software meter

The VOIP Channel 6 is also routed to the main USB connector. Talk back to the VOIP channel is by pushing both “Mic CUE” and “VOIP CUE” to make conversation with callers very easy prior to broadcasting.

The D&R Webstation has a very musical 2 band equalizer. All high quality low noise mic inputs have a built in low cut filters.


The D&R Webstation’s modules can be easily tailored to your own needs with the included software program page shown below.

All 6 modules have their own page, where you can program Cue reset enabled by Line, Mic, Fader, On etc.  The Mic On busses (for your ON-AIR light) can be enabled by Line or Mic or USB.

A great feature is the ability to program your own switch colours, activate the CRM mute module and program the Studio Remote. Additionally if you want your Phantom power on or off individually programmable per channel this can also easily done.

All settings can be stored(write) and loaded (read), using the software configuration manager.