D&R Airence USB Extension unit


Extension unit for the Airence with six triple input channels with high end quality Mic inputs on XLR and two stereo line level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors can be connected to the main unit. The result is a modern split drop through 12 (or 18/24/32 etc.) fader radio console.


The AIRENCE-EXT is a fully self functioning and self powered channel extender that can be connected to the main unit.

It holds 6 Triple inputs with balanced very low noise Mic inputs and 2 stereo line level inputs.

Line level B can be converted into a Phono pre-amp by way of the optional RIAA preamp that can be ordered as an option.

It has a three band very musical EQ, Sub and PROG routing, a CUE / Communication buss and 100 mm faders with fader start. Of course this unit has MIC inserts for voice processors.

On the back of the AIRENCE-EXT unit is a 5 pole DC connector for the high efficiency switch ed mode power supply. A 15 pole Sub-D connector links the Extender to the main unit and eventually to a third 6 channel extender.

Also the AIRENCE Extender control surface can be easily mounted inside furniture as a drop through unit with rounded off corners to make a nice fit.

The steel front panel thickness is 2mm with a corner radius of 20mm.