RVR TEX502 LCD Watt FM Transmitter



After decades of uninterrupted success the TEX Series remains the most installed FM transmitter worldwide in any type of radio station.

High quality synthesized FM exciter from RVR Elettronica.

The TEX502 LCD  FM transmitter offers uncompromised transmission quality at a very attractive price. Ideal for driving small-power stations or as FM transmitters in stand-alone applications. Adjustable power output from 5 Watt to 500 Watt output power.

  • Globally recognized as the most sold professional exciter in the world.
  • Excellent as exciter in modular systems or as a compact transmitter.
  • Full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.
  • Standard Frequency Range: 87.5 – 108 MHz. Other bands on request.
  • 10% – 100% Output Power continuously adjustable.
  • Fold-back control for effective “VSRW” protection.
  • Includes IAMLC: Intelligent Automatic Modulation Level Control.
  • Built-in high-performance stereo coder.
  • Analogue Inputs: Analogue Stereo L&R, Mono, MPX.
  • Digital Inputs: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, TOSLINK.
  • Auxiliary input for SCA / RDS signals.
  • WEB, SNMP2, GSM, Serial remote controls (option).