Khayae FM 104.8 MHz

Khayae FM
Htan Tabin Township, Myanmar

On Air
January 2018

104.8 MHz

100 Watts


On January 10th RadioActive trainer / engineers Max Graef and Ben Osborne went to work with staff from DW Akademie and members of the Htan Tabin community to install Khayae FM, Myanmar’s community radio station, and train the station team in radio production, radio drama and technical skills.  The station aims to serve the whole of the Htan Tabin population with local and regional news, discussions on important local issues and provide a platform for promoting local culture and the local economy.

The official launch date for the station is February 18th 2018 and will be broadcasting on 104.8 MHz.

Going live on Khayae FM for the first time

Going live on Khayae FM for the first time

About the project

This is an exciting time for community broadcasting in Myanmar, with the recent passing of a Broadcasting Law on August 28, 2015.  Community broadcasting can have a particularly strong impact in rural areas, where people remain under-served in terms of media, with little access to information relevant to their communities and in their own languages.

To test the viability and feasibility of community broadcasting in Myanmar, the state broadcast MRTV is supporting a pilot community radio project – Khayae FM, which is located in Atwin They Phyu village in Htan Tabin township, about 20km outside Yangon.

The station has been granted temporary permission by the Myanmar government to allow it to operate using a FM frequency administered and allocated by state broadcaster MRTV.


Main Objectives

  • strengthen socioeconomic development in the local area
  • foster ethnic, cultural and religious diversity and tolerance
  • provide a platform for discussions and sharing information
  • promote local culture
  • public representation
  • provide information for minority and other marginalized groups.

Our Role

  • Coverage prediction with radio coverage modelling software
  • Technical consultancy for the studio design
  • Supply and installation of studio and transmission equipment
  • Training station team of 14 volunteers and staff in radio production, radio drama and technical skills


DW Akademie has supported the project in many ways, including providing training to station staff and volunteers and funding the purchase of the equipment and its installation.  They will carry on supporting the station, providing ongoing mentoring after the station launches.

Find out more

For more information or to contact the station you can reach DW Akademie Asia, who are continuing to support the project, through their Facebook page.