BBC MA Myanmar

BBC Media Action, Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar

On Air
June 2016



BBC Media Action runs a project in Myanmar creatiing a range of TV and radio content focusing on different issues.  RadioActive Director Max Graef went out to Myanmar to train up the different BBC MA production teams in technical skills and sound recording techniques for radio and TV, to improve the quality of the output they were producing.

Learning to record on location

Learning to record on location

Main Objectives

BBC Media Action’s work in Myanmar includes:

  • Radio programme Bright Young Stars (Lin Lat Kyair Sin), a youth radio show informing Myanmar’s next generation and inspiring discussion and civic participation.
  • The Tea Cup Diaries (La Pe’ Ye Ta Kwe Ye Diari), a radio drama aiming to increase understanding and tolerance between different ethnic and religious communities.
  • Innovative media capacity building for independent journalists and the state media organisation, Myanmar Radio and Television, aiming to increase audiences’ understanding of governance issues and government transparency and accountability as Myanmar’s democratic transition continues.
  • The BRACED programme, including research into people’s everyday experiences of changing weather patterns; and public service announcements showcasing simple, effective and low cost disaster preparedness techniques for rural communities.

Our Role

  • Training the BBC MA production teams in technical skills and knowledge
  • Training the BBC MA TV production team in sound recording techniques including foley and on location sound
  • Reviewing the audio equipment for all of the production teams
Learning to record foley

Learning to record foley