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SPID Theatre Project
Ladbroke Grove, London, United Kingdom


The award-winning SPID (Social Political Innovative Direct) uses immersive youth arts to regenerate community spaces. They work with young people on West London council estates to create participatory drama shows.

They run a weekly free programme of Community Hub activities including free youth drama sessions and create a youth show, a professional show and a film every 12 to 18 months.

RadioActive have worked with SPID over the last few years to provide facilitators and audio specialists to support their radio drama and sound design projects.

About the project

Since 2012 RadioActive have been providing facilitators and recordists to run radio drama workshops with young people, and record and edit radio dramas, as well as work on the sound design of SPID’s film and immersive theatre projects.

Credits include:

The Flushed, The Brocalypse, Trellick Tales, Reimagining Goldfinger, Kensington Stories and many others.

Main Objectives

SPID Theatre’s work has three principal outcomes: developing a new form of high quality theatre that engages audiences with the space that it inhabits; regenerating Kensal House community rooms and other neglected spaces; and creating shows that empower neighbourhoods by fostering a sense of community.

Their radio drama and film projects aim to support these outcomes.

Our Role

  • Facilitating radio drama and sound design workshops with young people
  • Rehearsing, recording and editing radio dramas and sound for immersive theatre projects performed by young people
  • Recording and producing the sound design for SPID film projects.


SPID Theatre

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