Station Sound

Concerned about your station sound?  You should be.  A radio station will only have real impact if it has a unique and consistent sound with content that its target audience relates to.

You can put the most amazing programmes on air but never achieve any real impact if you have no unique, consistent sound. If your station has no on-air image that listeners can relate to, connect with or recognise, how will your listeners know you from your competition?

Station sound brings together the many elements that make up the output your station broadcasts: it is the glue that holds everything you transmit together giving you ‘joined up’ radio, on-air consistency that says who you are.

We have produced professional quality jingles, adverts and other audio content for radio stations and production companies around the world.


In addition to Station Sound, we offer sound design, recording, editing and post-production services for:

  • radio drama
  • radio adverts
  • short feature films
  • documentaries
  • tv
  • animation

We can also train your team to produce cutting edge audio content for your radio station.