Double Deluxe Complete Radio Station Package


Take our most popular radio package – the Deluxe Radio Station Package, and add an extra ON AIR studio, extra 600W transmitter and 3 extra reporter kits.

D&R Airmate 2 × D&R Airmate Professional Broadcast Mixing Console £3,500.00
Tape for Dymo Label Printer 2 × DYMO LetraTAG Label Tape - 12mm x 4m White Plastic £13.00
Dymo Label Printer 1 × DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Printer £39.95
2 × Numark CDN77 MP3/CD Player £678.00
Beyerdynamic DTX-910 Headphones 16 × Beyerdynamic DTX 910 Studio Headphones £703.20
2 × HP Laptop with 8GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive £790.00
2 × GSM Mobile Gateway £238.00
TX600-V2 600W FM Transmitter 2 × BW Broadcast TX600 V3 600 Watt FM Transmitter £7,000.00
Label AKS1_N Dipole Antenna 4 × Label AKS1/N High Power Dipole Antenna £1,040.00
1 × 5.5m RF Jumper Leads (Pack of 4) £195.00
Label Antenna Power Divider 1 × Label GACN/4N 4 Way Power Divider (Antenna Splitter) £250.00
electrical tape 1 × PRO POWER PVC Premium Electrical Adhesive Tape, Black, 20m x 19mm (LxW) £2.50
Self-Amalgamating Tape 1 × PRO POWER Self-Amalgamating Tape, 10mx19mm £8.00
1 × Pro Power 0315-HV150 Releasable Cable Ties 150mm X 7.20mm £4.00
2 × Pro Power 200X4.50mm Weather Proof Cable Tie £6.00
8 × Anglepoise Microphone Stand £360.00
D & R ON AIR Light 4 × D & R ON AIR Light £460.00
4 × M-Audio BX5 Carbon Studio Monitor £400.00
2 × B-Tech BT77 Ultragrip Pro Side-Clamping Loudspeaker Wall Mount - Black (pair) £70.00
Samson Powerbrite PB10 2 × Samson PB-10 Power Conditioner £190.00
4 × Benq Monitor, 24 £480.00
Rode Reporter Mic 6 × Rode Reporter Mic £779.70
TASCAM DR-40 Portable Recorder 6 × Tascam DR40 Portable Recorder £900.00
WS11 Wind Muff 6 × Tascam WS-11 Universal Mic Windscreen Muff for DR-Series Handheld Recorders £240.00
Stagg XLR M to XLR F Mic Cable 3m 6 × Stagg High Quality 3pin Male XLR To 3pin Female XLR Cable 3m, Black £35.70
Targus Ecospruce Backpack 6 × Targus EcoSpruce Reporter Backpack £270.00
2 RU Panel 4 × 2 RU Blank Panel for Equipment Rack £27.80
1 RU Blank Panel 6 × 1 RU Blank Panel for Equipment Rack £29.70
20 RU Equipment Rack 1 × 20RU Black Equipment Rack for Studio and Transmission £240.00
2 × 8RU Black Equipment Rack for Studio and Transmission £239.90
Rack Nuts Pack 2 × M6 Rack Screw Pack 12mm - Rack Bolts, Nuts and Screws for Equipment Rack £15.00
PDU 6 way 2 × 6 way Surge Protected Rackmount Power Distribution Unit £70.00
Rode Procaster 8 × Rode Procaster Microphone £1,279.60
pulse-tu-201 tuner 1 × Pulse TU-201 DAB & FM Radio Tuner £169.00
Cellflex lcf1250j Cable 1 × RFS Cellflex 1/2" RF 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable (100m) £450.00


The Double Deluxe Complete Radio Station Package takes our most popular radio package – the Deluxe Package, and doubles up on key items such as the studio mixer, transmitter and reporter kits, to give you more of most important items in the package, which can be used either to expand your facilities or as back up equipment just in case.

Two Identical On Air / Production Studios!

This package includes all the equipment you need to start broadcasting, with two identical studios that can be used for ON AIR and production purposes, to create live and / or pre-recorded content. Two identical studios means seamless switching from one show to the next: one show can set up and be ready to go while the other is still on the air. And since they are identical, your presenters will no have trouble working in either studio.


At the heart of each studio in the Double Deluxe Complete Radio Station Package is the D & R Airmate USB mixer. Designed and built in the Netherlands, the Airmate USB has 8 channels with up to 22 inputs, including 6 microphones, 12 stereo line inputs, 2 USB send / return channels and 2 built-in telephone hybrids. The Airmate USB mixer is in use in over 3200 radio stations around the world, including many built by RadioActive engineers. It is a sturdy, user-friendly workhorse of a mixer, designed with presenters with a range of experiences and skill-levels in mind.

Rode Procaster Microphones

Rode make some of the world’s best microphones for broadcast, TV, recording and conference applications.  We are proud to include four Rode Procaster dynamic mics as standard in each our Double Deluxe package studios (8 in total) and the Rode Reporter mic as part of our reporter kits, 6 of which are included in this package.

2 GSM Hybrids

Included as standard are two GSM hybrids, which allow you to receive phone calls using a mobile phone simcard, directly into the mixer, without having to connect a mobile phone. These are particularly useful in areas with no landline connections.

2 Editing Workstations

The Double Deluxe Complete Radio Station Package also comes with 2 editing workstations, with laptops, editing software, headphones, a single microphone, speakers and a soundcard so that your journalists / presenters can record, listen to and edit their audio content befored sending it over the network to be played on air.

6 Tascam Portable Reporter Kits

The Double Deluxe Complete Radio Station Package comes with 6 portable reporter kits, which include a Tascam DR40 handheld recorder, a Rode Reporter microphone, a pair of Beyerdynamic DT231 headphones, a rechargeable battery charger with batteries and a bag to keep all the kit safe in, big enough to include a laptop if needed.  Please note that the laptop is sold separately.

600W FM Transmitter with Built-in Audio Processor and a backup transmitter!

The Double Deluxe Complete Radio Station Package does not scrimp on the transmission side, coming as standard with 2 BW Broadcast TX600 V2 600W FM Transmitters, with built-in audio processor, to give you the edge on sound quality over rival stations. The TX feeds a 4 bay dipole antenna system with a 100m 1/2″ Cellflex RF Coaxial cable to give your broadcast added reach. Please note we can increase the power of your transmitter, the length if antenna cable or the number of antennas or add a backup transmitter at your request.

We also provide an identical backup transmitter in case your primary one has a fault and needs repair, so that you won’t be off for more than a few seconds while you switch from one to the other.

Large Coverage Area

With this antenna system raised up to 60m above flat ground you should expect to reach at 55km in all directions, possibly further. Contact us with the coordinates of your antenna site and we will give you a computer modelled prediction of your coverage area. This normally costs £25 per prediction plot, but we will take this fee off the cost of the package if you place an order.