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Kilburn, West London, November 16th 2012: Kilburn to Kensal Radio gets started!

Vaalwater, South Africa, November 16th 2010: 

RadioActive installs radio and recording studios at Waterberg Welfare Society, South Africa!


High Wycombe, UK, October 2010: RadioActive starts work on Awaaz FM - our first community radio station in the UK!  

Colnbrook Detention Centre, June 2010: RadioActive starts teaching radio classes at Colnbrook IRC.

Tsavo West National Park, Kenya, April 17th 2010: RadioActive trains KWS and Amara Conservation staff for Radio Tsavo!

Members of KWS, Amara and RadioActive gather for a group photo at the end of the training


West London, UK, February 17th 2010:  The RadioActive Show broadcasts live on Avenues FM! 
RA Director Max Graef on The RadioActive Show on Avenues FM, 87.7MHz 
Delta Region, Nigeria, December 1st 2009:
The studio at the new Delta State University Radio 
Pará, Brazil, November 17th 2009:
A radio drama workshop at Radio Resistencia Camponesa 
Ceará, Brazil, November 5th 2009:
Romario doing an interview during a RadioActive radio workshop 
Caruaru, Brazil, October 28th 2009:  
Bahia, Brazil, October 12th 2009:  
Nkambe, Cameroon, July 22nd 2009:
Kumbo, Cameroon, July 14th 2009: 
The studio at Bui Community Radio 

RadioActive volunteer Kate Adair at DMCR, Cameroon 
RA unveils new mobile radio station design  
Alfred Yanz in the studio at Radio Flambeau


 Below is a map of our projects.  Please click on a station below to find out more.

RadioActive Project Map


Current and Previous Clients, Partners and Funders

AINGA 2006 (Madagascar)
Amara Conservation, Kenya 2006 - 2010 (Kenya)
ANCO 2009 (Cameroon)
Avenues Youth Project 2010 (London, UK)
Awaaz FM  2010 - 2011 (High Wycombe, UK)
Capital FM  2011 (The Gambia) 
CEDHAPI 2009 (Mexico)
Centro Cultural Mosaiko
 2008 (Angola)
CIPO-RFM, Mexico 2005 - 2006 (Oaxaca, Mexico)
Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre 2010 - 2012 (London, UK)
DESU FM  2009 (Owerri, Nigeria)
Donga Mantung Division Councils 2006 - 2010 (North-West Province, Cameroon)
e-Bario 2011 (Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo)
Education Development Center 2006 - 2009 (Guinea, Madagascar, The Comoros Islands, Mali)
FADECO FM  2009 - 210 (Tanzania)
FIT Nepal 2007 (Nepal)
Globecom SA 2008 (Angola) 
Grupo Cultural AfroReggae 2007 (Parada de Lucas, Brazil)
Ibdaa Cultural Center 2004 (Dheisheh Refugee Camp, West Bank)
Internews Europe 2011 - 2012 (Mobile Broadcasting Emergency Kits - London)
Internews Network 2006 (Chad)
IrikRAMAT, Loliondo FM 2012 (Tanzania)
Kenya Wildlife Service 
2008 - 2010 (Kenya)
MCA 2006 (Guadelupe Carney, Honduras)
Millenium TV 2011 (Nkambe, Cameroon)
Ministry of Justice 2012 (Trinidad and Tobago)
Movimento de Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra 2009 - 2010 (MST) (Brazil)
Nuclair Consulting 2012 (Trinidad and Tobago)
Okapi Consulting 2006 - 2011 (South Africa)
Open Society Institute for Southern Africa 2008 (Angola)
Peace Corps Volunteer Christi Turner 2006 - 2010 (Madagascar)
Protege QV 2009 (Cameroon)
Radio Kapilvastu 2007 (Sunshine Development Organisation) (Nepal)
Radio Bar-Kulan 2010 (Nairobi)
ROAR Congo Network 2011 - present (Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo)
RPL 2006 - 2011 (London)
Savannah Frontier Radio 2009 (Nkambe, Cameroon)
Shah Jahan Mosque  2011 (Woking, UK)
UCIZONI 2009 (Mexico)
UNESCO  2011 (East Africa Division)  
UNHCR 2006 (Chad)
Waterberg Welfare Society  2010 – 2012 (South Africa) 


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